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Our Services

Synergy Leadership Group provides specialized Brand Activation services in the key areas of strategic planning, storytelling, design, and branding.  Our brand storytelling makes an emotional connection with customers through word and design. Brand Activation provides our clients with the story, tag lines, visuals, textures, images, icons, sounds, colors, symbols, and other tools they need to tell a consistent brand story to a global community.

Internal and external branding
Employee participation is key to our philosophy and process. When employees are part of story development and execution–branding is more effective. We want to create marketing that employees are proud to share with members of their family.

Strategic Planning
Employee involvement aligns organizations behind stated goals and objectives and improves the probability for success.  Brand guides are interactive, user friendly, and subject to continuous improvement.

Storytelling is the art of helping customers, prospects, and employees understand what it is we are selling in a way that makes a memorable and lasting emotional connection to the brand.

Design works with the story to make the emotional connection more dramatic and memorable. Your brand, across all media permeations, will be differentiated, instantly recognizable, and distinctively your brand.  Design templates provide tools to connect your brand image across media platforms.

Brand Strategy
We have a proprietary brand strategy process that delivers the vision, ideals, position, and essence in an interactive brand guide.  Brands need to continuously evolve and change with the events around them.  Brands need to be refreshed and repositioned as outside forces change the evolving perception of your brand.  Your customers and key stakeholders are essential to determining the necessity of a brand repositioning.  Opening that dialogue will define direction and tap the emotional connection.