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Brand Connections

The best marketing motivates buying decisions by making emotional connections with customers and stakeholders.  We make emotional connections after researching customers, key stakeholders, the market you compete in, and then relying on our experience to tell your story most effectively.

We bring the customer benefit—the primary reason to buy—upfront.  Benefit subjects and headlines increase sales.

Customers make split-second buying decisions.  The benefit needs to instantly and clearly connect with the customer.

We have worked with some of America’s most iconic brands in direct marketing, and it influenced us to measure our marketing efforts and report a return on investment.   Advertising should be measured, repeated when successful, and stopped when it is not providing an acceptable return on investment.

We provide our clients with the strategy, brand direction, and templates they need to carry their message forward with their own resources.

Synergy focuses exclusively on strategic planning, storytelling, design, and branding.  Our brand guide and strategic marketing plan defines consistent direction to employees and customers.

Our clients’ in-house advertising teams and global advertising partners use our brand guide to assure a consistent brand message and improved return on investment.