Generate passion for your strategic direction

Studies have found that employees perform at a higher level when they have a clear understanding and a sense of purpose for where their organization is going, how they are going to get there, and their role in the journey.

The best strategic planning efforts begin with an internal rollout that aligns the organization behind the vision and generates excitement and passion for the new direction.

With Synergy as your strategic planning partner, we’ll work hard to bring your employees into the process so they have contributed to the planning and feel ownership in the new direction by launch time.

We have performed hundreds of strategic planning and branding sessions for a diverse range of companies. They benefit from the knowledge gained and renewed sense of purpose and direction.

We use a proprietary program called Brand Life to guide our planning process to a deliverable that leaves no doubt about what your organization stands for, how it should present itself to its customers, and the employee’s role in accomplishing the organization’s goals. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work.