The Lost Art of Storytelling

There is a world of difference between a Brand Activation Guide and a Brand Logo Manual. The latter shows the logo and how it should be displayed correctly on letterheads, business cards, etc.

A well-done Brand Activation Guide is something all together different. Those that are responsible for their company’s marketing material should have their Brand Activation Guide open on their desktop as they incorporate the stories, messaging, and visuals into marketing material they are creating.

The most effective way to change brand perceptions is through storytelling that describes a time when the brand stepped up and performed a memorable breakthrough event that helped transform the brand to a new position in the customer’s mind that the brand can comfortably own.

In our work with new prospective clients, often times B to B global behemoths, we are amazed to find no such messaging has been written. What we most often see is a small manual that demonstrates how to display the brand logo on stationary. No stories and no emotional connection to the brand.

Review your current brand guidelines and see if you’ve provided your global creative teams with the messaging and visuals they need to make a consistent emotional connection with your best customers.